Journal of Clinical and Nursing Research

Journal of Clinical and Nursing Research

Journal of Clinical and Nursing Research (JCNR) is an international, peer reviewed and open access journal that seeks to promote the development and exchange of knowledge which is directly relevant to all clinical and nursing research and practice. Articles which explore the meaning, prevention, treatment, outcome and impact of a high standard clinical and nursing practice and discipline are encouraged to be submitted as original article, review, case report, short communication and letters.

Topics covered by not limited to:

  • Development of clinical and nursing research, evaluation, evidence-based practice and scientific enquiry;
  • Patients and family experiences of health care;
  • Clinical and nursing research to enhance patient safety and reduce harm to patients;
  • Ethics;
  • Clinical and Nursing history;
  • Medicine.

ISSN: 2208-3693(O)
ISSN: 2208-3685(P)

Vol 2, No 3 (2018): Journal of Clinical and Nursing Research

Table of Contents


Adalard Falschung
Vijayaraddi Vandali, Rekha B Biradar
Qin Ke
Han Qian, Yuping Liu, Wen Shen, Jie Chen
Mei Yang
Zhu Lin, Min Sun, Yang Peng, Sun Weiqing