Proceedings of Business and Economic Studies

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Proceedings of Business and Economic Studies (PBES) is an international, peer-reviewed and open access journal which focuses on theoretical and applied studies of corporate and financial behavior. Aiming to promote the research in fields of business economics and management, it covers mainly but not limits to the following areas: accounting and financial management, economics, human resource management and organizational behavior, information management, international business, strategy and innovation, management science and operations management, marketing and retailing.


Current Issue
Vol 4 No 4 (2021)
Published on August 30, 2021
Proceedings of Business and Economic Studies

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Impact of Labor Mobility on Economic Growth: A Comparative Study between Egypt and Vietnam

Doaa Salman Abdou
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.1136

An Empirical Study of the Relationship among Population Mobility, Industrial Structure Upgrading, and Economic Growth – Based on the SPVAR Model

Bowen Xu, Yang Lu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2344

Application of Incentive Theory in Hospitals’ Human Resource Management

Xiuxia Liu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2381

Analysis on the Current Situation of Social Security for Landless Farmers Under the Background of Urbanization

Taipeng Wang
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2382

Excess Benefit Allocation in Shared Savings Based on Non-cooperative Game Theory

Xiao Xu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2383

Management of Foreign Investment in Scientific Research Institutions

Wei Gao
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2384

Disease Burden Attributable to PM2.5 Exposure in China from 2000 to 2016

Ting Cao
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2385

Singapore Convention on Mediation and Its Ratification in China

Yatian Yin
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2386

Analysis on Marketing Strategies and Consumer Behavior during Online Shopping Carnival in China

Yuchun Wu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2387

Xiaomi India’s New Distribution Method in the Post-Pandemic Era

Wanyu Li
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2388

Apple Inc. Analysis and Forecast Evaluation

Yunan Li
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2389

Impact of the World’s New Technological Revolution on Economic Development and Educational Reform in the Information Age

Feng Cao
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2390

Refinement and Drawing Lessons from Traditional Chinese Cultural Elements for Cultural and Creative Product Design

Yufen Li
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2391

National Governance Capacity from the View of Comparative Political Economy – Based on the Fight Against COVID-19

Wentao Yao, Gang Wang
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2392

Strategies of Supercell’s Success

Yutong Wu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2393

Exploring the Development of Financial Inclusion in the Context of Financial Technology

Ziyi Cheng
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2394

Research on the Influencing Factors of Purchasing Internet Financial Wealth Management Products Based on AHP

Xueying Feng
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2395

Investor Behavior during COVID-19

Haoyan Gu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2396

An Empirical Analysis on the Stable Return of Resident Funds

Jinling He, Zixiang Xia, Jingcheng He, Xin Gao
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2397

Impact of Quality and Government Subsidies on Elderly Care Services

Mengna Li, Liyun Wu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2399

Application of Earned Value Method in Project Cost Management and Schedule Management

Wenjing Xu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2400

Analysis on the Impact of Big Data on Management Accounting

Ruihan Yang
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2405

Modernization of Governance System and Governance Capability of State-Owned Enterprises

Jingbo Xi, Yu Liu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2406

Implementation of Centralized Administration and Management of Funds in Enterprise Groups

Xinjian Song
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2407

Problems and Countermeasures of International Trade Financing of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in China

Zhenjun Wu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2408

Research on Rural Highway Project Construction Management and Maintenance

Fei Shan
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2422

Evaluating the Impacts of Food Safety Policies on Japan’s Rice Imports Based on the Simultaneous Buy and Sell System

Qianhui Gao
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2423

Research on the Selection of Supply Chain Marketing Models Based on E-commerce Service Levels

Weijia Ding, Liyun Wu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2424

Influence of Trust on Social Commercial Behavior – Taking WeChat as an Example

Shuo Liu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2430

Restructuring of Industrial Talents and Their Characteristics from the Perspective of Intelligent Manufacturing in Dongguan

Juan Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2431

Evolution of Starbucks’s Logo – A Sign of Corporate Culture Development

Jiaxuan Xu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2432

A Case Study of Public Relations – Based on Haidilao’s Successful Response to Emergencies

Jiaxuan Xu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2433

Analysis on Green Accounting Information Disclosure of Chemical Enterprises Under Low-Carbon Economy

Jun Liu, Jiaxin Li
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2450

Analysis on the Building of Chengdu’s City Brand as “Three Cities and Three Capitals” – Taking Jiezi Ancient Town as an Example

Jianwei Guo
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2451

A Research on Business Information System and Informatization

Fangyuan Liu
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2476

Economic Responsibility Audit of Leading Cadres of the Party and Government at the Grassroots Level – Existing Problems and Countermeasures

Li Tian
DOI: 10.26689/pbes.v4i4.2482