Vol 5 No 5 (2021): Journal of Contemporary Educational Research
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research
Published on May 31, 2021

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A Study on the Correlation among FD-FI Cognitive Style, Working Memory Capacity and English Reading Performance among College EFL Learners

Yuhan Ge
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2138

Research on the Development of City Financial Systems under the Rural Revitalization Strategy

Jilu Liu, Qiaoyu Zhang, Xiaoming Zeng
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2139

Application Research of Blended Teaching based on Duifene Teaching Platform: Modules on Construction Project Management

Jingjing Sun
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2140

The Education of Japanese Honorifics and Cultivating Intercultural Communication Competence

Jinxin Liu
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2151

Teaching Japanese Honorifics Based on Situational Approach

Junjie Xing
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2162

Common Problems in English Pronunciation Among Chinese Learners and Teaching Implications

Lanqing Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2123

How to Optimize the Management of Science and Technology Funds in Colleges and Universities Based on the Policy of Streamlining Administration, Delegating Powers, Improving Regulation, and Strengthening Services

Rongli Zhou, Jie Ji
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2124

The Influence of New Media on College Students’ Ideological and Political Education and the Countermeasures

Hui Ai
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2125

The Integration of Network Teaching and Chinese Art History Education in Colleges

Tiantian Hou
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2150

Research on Interactive and Exploratory Teaching Methods used in College English Courses

Yingxin Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2141

The Development and Aesthetic Pursuit of Opera Films in this Century (2000-2015)

Xiufeng Yang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2152

Exploration and Practice of Undergraduate Classroom Teaching Reform Centered on Student Development

Xiaoyan Li
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2122

Integration of “Learning to Strengthen the Country” and “Offline Teaching” Concepts in the “Curriculum Ideology and Politics” Education among Graduate Students

Qi Zou, Li Fan, Yi Ren
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2149

Application of Scaffolding in Combination with Other Teaching Strategies in Translation Lessons among Senior High School Students in China

Longxiang Shen, Yu Zhao, Shangyang Wang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2153

Women’s Voices in the Victorian Era – Feminist Consciousness in the Bronte Sisters’ Works

Linshuo Qi
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2154

A Comparative Analysis of War Metaphors in COVID-19 Reports in New York Times and China Daily

Yanmei Xiao
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2155

Analysis of the Collaborative Education System of Local Universities under the Fundamentals of “New Engineering” Construction

Jing Ma
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2143

Importance of Ideological and Political Education in Teaching Fine Arts Education in Higher Vocational Colleges

Bizhu Lin
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2144

Utilization of Resources and Optimization of Services in Libraries

Yanping Dong
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2146

Current Situation and Measures to Improve the Ideological and Political Education among Students in Higher Vocational Institutions

Xianzhen Li
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2147

A Probe into the Implication of Education with Zhang Junmai’s Philosophy of Mind

Juhu Xiang, Yongqiong Wei
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i5.2148