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Bio-Byword Scientific Publishing is a fast-growing peer-reviewed and open access journal publisher which is located in Sydney, Australia with the editorial office at Selangor, Malaysia.  All Bio-Byword journals are free from all access barriers, allowing for the widest possible global dissemination of their articles and the highest possible citations. Additionally, all Bio-Byword online submission will go through a rapid peer review and production, making the process of publishing simpler and more efficient, which benefit from its user friendly online submission system that reduces the overall time from submission to publication.

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Energy and Sustainable Development

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Energy and Sustainable Development(ESD) is a peer-reviewed &Open access journal,ESD is an interdisciplinary journal covering all areas of renewable and sustainable energy-related fields that apply to the physical science and engineering communities. The coverage of the journal includes the following disciplines: biomass energy efficient architecture fuel cells geothermal energy hydro (tidal, OTEC, small scale hydro-electric) hydrogen energy photochemistry solar (active solar, passive solar, and photovoltaics) transport (alternative energy powered vehicles) wind Renewable and Sustainable Energy, and so on. 

The topics related to this journal include but are not limited to:Nuclear energy、Solar energy、Wind energy、Energy conversion、Bioenergy and biofuels、Geothermal energy、Marine energy、Hydroelectric energy、Energy efficient buildings、Energy storage、Power distribution、Transportation、Renewable energy assessment、Energy storage devices、Ocean mechanical and thermal energy.

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Publication Frequency: Triannual(3 times a year)
Publishing Model: Open Access
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