Vol 5 No 4 (2021): Journal of Contemporary Educational Research
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research
Published on April 30, 2021

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Integration of off-line & on-line: the Concept and Action Choice of Online Teaching of Vocational Education in Post-epidemic Era

Ningyu Zhang, Ximin Duan
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.1974

The Current Situation and Improvement Strategy of Physical Education in Colleges and Universities

Chengbin Huang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2033

Challenges and Measures of Ideological and Political Work in Colleges and Universities in the Network Era

Na Xu, Miao Liu
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2034

Romance of Village: A Way to Uncover the Story of Small Characters in War

Hongxia Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2035

Investigation Report on Preschool Education Specialty of Higher Vocational School——Take the Preschool Education Market of HengYang City as an Example

Wenfang Yuan
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2036

Study on the Taste-oriented Design of Ceramic Doll in Foshan City

Huanchen Huang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2037

Research on the Optimization of Teaching and Learning Path in the Context of Educational Data

Wenya Wang, Chunsu Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2038

Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Study on the Path of Integrating the Ideological and Political Courses in Primary and Middle Schools

Shuwen Liu
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2039

Research on the Reform of College Entrance Examination Content under the Background of New College Entrance

Ying Bai
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2040

A Study of how Kate is Portrayed as a Shrew in The Taming of the Shrew by Shakespeare

Ling Yu
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2041

Innovative Research on the Blending Learning Mode of Econometrics

Song Ge, Zhuang Jian, Zhiqing Xia
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2043

Differences between Chinese and American University Education from the Perspective of Curriculum Design -- Taking the University of Minnesota as an Example

Haiping Li
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2044

How China Improves Global Governance capability——Take the field theory as the visual threshold

Qi Tan
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2045

Based on Multimedia and Network Social Environment——A Study of Pragmatic Acquisition in College English Teaching

Jianan Li
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2046

An Analysis of General Secretary Xi Important Exposition on Poverty Alleviation

Huaqiang Yang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2047

The New Goal and Path Choice of the Development of China's Vocational and Technical Education

Xiaohong Feng
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2048

Research on Problems and Strategies of "Learning" from the Perspective of Physical Education Curriculum

Ran Cheng, Ran Sun, Qiang Li
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2084

The Realistic Dilemma and Promoting Path of Secondary Vocational Education Talent Training Model under the Background of Education Supply-side Reform

Yonghua Wang, Difan Xu, Tingrui Luo, Yajing Lai
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2085

A Summary of Research Hotspots in Educational Economics in China during the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" Period

Yi Ren, Li Fan
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2086

A Study on the Influence of Positive Transfer of Mother Tongue on Tibetan College Students’ Foreign Language Learning

Zhuoma Dangzeng
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2087

A Review of Speech Rhythm Pattern in Second Language Acquisition

Yingxue Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2088

A Study of Identity Construction in Husband-wife Conflict Talk-A Case Study of Television Interview Program Battle of Love

Qiaoyan Ma
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2089

Memetics: A Practical Translation Theory in Business Environment-Take Safeguard as an Example

Lu Yuan, Xiangting He, Qianying Quan
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2090

Research on Big Data Audit Teaching Based on SWOT Analysis

Zhihua Wang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2091

A Study on the Traumatic Theme in Elizabeth Bowen’s “The Demon Lover”

Mengyuan Fan
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2092

Teaching English through Stories to Chinese Primary Students

Xinyi Huang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2093

The Application of Conceptual Metaphor to English Vocabulary Teaching

Maoting Yin
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2094

A Way Out for EFL Education at the Tertiary Level under the Context of Internet Plus

Xiaolong Feng
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v5i4.2224