Vol 4 No 4 (2020): Journal of Contemporary Educational Research
Journal of Contemporary Educational Research
Published on April 30, 2020

Development and Reflect on the Course of Piano Improvisational Accompaniment in College Music Education

Linfeng Li
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1174

A Preliminary Study on Teaching Korean students Chinese tones: Taking Korean High School Students as an Example

Zefang Xu
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1175

Research on Educating College Students’ Ecological Values from the Perspective of Marxist Ecological View

Jianping Niu
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1176

Strategies for Project-oriented Teaching Design of Automobile Inspection and Maintenance Course

Huimin Zhao, Jianmin Mei, Wancheng Yang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1178

The Ubiquitous Influence of Mentors on Postgraduates

Xiaohui Wang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1179

Are Englishes as lingua franca?

Lin Cong
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1180

Luoxia Hong and 24 Solar Terms and Their Translations

Zongsheng Yu
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1181

Supporting Children to Learn English in Chinese Kindergarten

Siyuan Ran, Yuting Lu
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1182

A Study on the Influence of English Proficiency on English Learners’ Understanding of DO/SC Garden Path Sentence

Meng Yao
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1183

Second Language Transfer in Third Language Acquisition: An Empirical Study of Chinese English Majors Learning German as Third Language

Yuqing Dai
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1184

Research on the Curriculum of Japanese Major Based on Multivariate College-enterprise Collaborative Education Platform

Wenhua Zeng
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1185

On the Ancient Educational Thought under the Opposite View of Human Nature of the Pre-Qin Scholars—— On its Value to Contemporary Higher Education

Zhichao Zhao
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1186

Discussion on the Teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture and Moxibustion) in Myanmar

Ningyi Wei, Mei Yang, Lingzhi Zeng, Yuanyuan Zuo
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1187

Study on "ban-A-bu-B" Format

Jian Gao, Yiying Lyu
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1189

Research on the Development and Application of Campus Card in Colleges and Universities

Wei Zhang, Xiushuang Yi, Chenghao Han, Weili Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1190

A survey of Higher Vocational Students' upward Comparative Parenting

Hongyang Liu, Xuechuang He
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1191

Analysis on the Application of Translation and Communication in German Teaching

Wenjun Wang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1192

Practical Discussion of Output Oriented Method in English Major Teaching

Yunning Zhang
DOI: 10.26689/jcer.v4i4.1193