Vol 3 No 3 (2021): Scientific and Social Research
Scientific and Social Research
Published on September 30, 2021

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Study of Caregivers, Job Stress and Burnout of Long Term Care Institution in Taichung City

Hsiao-Ming Chang, Ching-Hui Lin, Ying-Wan Chuang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1081

Research on Digital Animation Dissemination of Flower Drum Lamp Art in Bengbu

Nan Shen, Dan Liu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1138

Research on the Application of Project Evaluation Method in NGO Financing

Taipeng Wang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1139

Research on the Inheritance and Development of Huizhou Culture in the Construction of New Countryside in Anhui Province: Taking “Culture Wall” as an Example

Wenzhen Zhang, Hao Xu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1140

Singapores’ Media System

Miao Yan
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1141

The Role of Port States in Safeguarding Maritime Security and Protecting the Marine Environment

Jia Bai
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1142

China’s Becoming an Innovative Nation by Encouraging College Students’ Start-ups

Wanxuan Ren
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1143

Grassroot Democracy is an Important Element in the Modernization of Grassroot Governance

Wentao Yao, Gang Wang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1144

Analysis on the Four Paths of the Party’s Clean Government Culture in the New Era

Xiao Fang, Anping Wang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1145

A Fantasy Theme Analysis of Chinese Rhetorical Vision on Xinjiang Cotton Incident

Yanan Wu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1146

A Critical Analysis on the Non-equivalence Between Bertha’s Identity and Discursive Power

Xuejiao Xiong
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1147

A Quest to Prohibit Immoral Inventions? An Analysis of Law and Policy in Human Biotechnology

Kun Shao
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1148

Analysis on the Optimal Choice of Work for High School Students During Holidays

Shengqi Wu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1149

An Analysis on Cultural Values of The Love Eterne and Titanic: Based on Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions Theory

Ning Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1150

Dewey’s Theory of Knowing: Pragmatism and Mixed Methods

Yiyue Chen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1151

Discussion on the Identification of Work-related Injuries of “Shared Employees”

Keyong Wan, Qianwei Wang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1152

Research on the Cultivation Path of College Students’ Public Welfare Spirit from the Perspective of Voluntary Activities

Yao Jia
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1153

Critical Implications of M-payments use on Healthcare

Jing Zhou, Jo Jung, Yi Lin
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1155

The Factors That Contribute to the High Death Rate of Black People in America

Jiahao Deng, Xiyuan Luo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1156

Genome Sequence between Human and Chimpanzee

Chenyu Fu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1157

Comparison of Forms and Concepts of Confrontation against Monarch Power in Ancient China and in Medieval Western Europe

Yukang Dong
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1158

Research on the Modernization of National Governance in Response to Public Health Emergencies

Kejun Liu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1163

Walter Benjamin: Analysis of the Concept of Adam State

Yu Xie
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1164

Application Dilemma and Resolution Path of Safe Harbor Rules in the Field of Network Infringement

Xue Zhao
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1168

Research on the Optimization of Community Governance System-Taking the “volunteer + community” Service Model in “COVID-19” Epidemic Prevention and Control as an Example

Lifang Shi, Xiaorui Wei
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1169

Research on the Current Situation and Development Strategy of Health Communication in a Short Tiktok Video: The “Dingxiang Doctor”

Nan Li, Jinying Yan, Fei Wu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1170

Freedom of Life and Self Pursuit: Discussion on the Awakening of Female Consciousness in Rose Gate

Weiqiang Wang, Qingmin Zhou
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1171

An Analysis of Consumers’ Emotional Needs in the Multi-wear Design

Jia Yang, Dan Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1172

Integration of Fictional Archaeological Artistic Styles and Modern Brand Design: Artist Daniel Arsham’s Work

Chulin Deng
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1173

A Literature Study on Japanese Modern Girl

Xiaodan Wang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1178

The Rise of Time Fengjun Entertainment

Muwen Xu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1179

Study of Micro-Silicon Particles Covered by Graphene

Peilin Yu, Mingyang Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1180

Thinking on Integrating Excellent Traditional Chinese Culture in the Spirit Cultivation of Elevator Craftsmen

Chunyang Guo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1181

A Study on the Influence of Socioeconomic Status on Residents’ Subjective Well-being Based on an Empirical Analysis of CGSS2015 Data

Jinhua Guo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1182

Rational Reflection in the Post-epidemic Era: Institutional Advantages and Improvement of Governance Efficiency

Miaomiao Qiao
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1183

Characteristics of Chinese Traditional Sports Culture: From the Standpoint of Chinese Traditional Culture

Shuyuan Huang, Deyin Kong
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1184

Reflection on the Development of Genre of Chinese Road Film

Xudong Guo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1185

Documents and Writing: A Textual Research on Yang Fuye’s Records

Sanchang Yang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1186

An Analysis of the Historical Evolution of the Party’s Discipline Construction from the Perspective of the Party Constitution

Botao Wang, Tao Gao
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1188

Research on Innovative Design of Tourism Cultural and Creative Products from the Perspective of Huizhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Culture: Taking Wood Carving Patterns as an Example

Yan Liang, Zhenlun Qi
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i3.1189