Vol 3 No 4 (2021): Scientific and Social Research
Scientific and Social Research
Published on October 29, 2021

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Research on the Influence of DanceSport on the Body-esteem of Chinese College Students

Yuxin Yuan
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1220

Defining and Exploring the Field and Practical Mode of “Epidemic Social Work”

You Wang, Chao Xie
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1221

Scene, Aesthetics and Industry Chain: Postmodern Cultural Thinking of Films in 5G Era

Heqiang Zhou, Lei Que
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1222

Analysis of the Formation Mechanism of High Bride Price in Rural Areas in the Context of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Jinhua Guo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1223

An Integral-based Study of Temperature Variation in Wildfire Safe Houses

Ziyang He, Bo Wen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1224

Research on the Path of Network Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of “Three Complete Education”

Yang Guo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1225

The Application of Psychoanalytic Theory in Films, Based on the Movie Fanfan

Binbin Fu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1226

Research on the Interaction Mechanism between Netizens and Fans from the Perspective of Sociology: Analysis based on a Short Video Platform

Wanying Guo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1227

Narrative Expression of Light in Contemporary Oil Paintings

Dongge Yang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1229

Examining the Appropriateness of Educational Motivation in International Cooperation Projects of Music Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Cross-Cultural Music Learning

Wei Guo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1228

The Construction and Destruction of Clay’s “Ideal Self” in Dutchman

Wenli Jiang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1215

Research on Evaluation and Analysis Model of Graduation Attributes Attainment

Yang Zhang, Jin Xu, Quan Guo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1191

Researching the Satisfaction Degree of Shuanghui Meat Products Quality and Safety from the Perspective of Configuration

Jie Han, Liyun Wu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1192

An 11-Categorical AI Food Classification Model Based on Mobile-Net Neural Networks

Yongqing Yu, Yishan Zou, Yu Sun
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1203

Feasibility Analysis of Converting Hydropower Stations into Power Regulation Centers-Taking the Three Gorges Project for Example

Jiyang Chen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1205

Key Course Group Construction of Intelligent Manufacturing for Applied

Zhuqiao Ma
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1198

An Empirical Study on the Efficiency of Green Innovation Supported by Urban Financial Development in the Pearl River Delta Cities

Jing Li, Shuqi Yao, Jieyi Lin
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1207

The Construction of a Poverty Return Risk Indicator System under Rural Revitalization: Taking the Poor Households in Guangdong Province

Xiaojie Peng, Kun Lei
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1209

A Brief Analysis of the Risk Control Issues of ChemChina’s Overseas M&A of Syngenta

Xiaoman Wu, Xiaohui Che
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1211

Market-based Environmental Regulation, Green Technology Innovation and Green Total Factor Energy Efficiency: A PSM-DID test based on an emissions trading system

Yuxin Zhao, Cong Wang, Xin Wang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1213

Discussion on the Application of Chinese Traditional Cultural Elements in Modern Environmental Art Design

Yidong Quan
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1238

The Practice Path of Government Governance Modernization

Tingting Yu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1237

Targeted Poverty Alleviation in Rural Education: A Case Study of Nanhua University’s Education Poverty Alleviation in Gutang Township, Lianyuan City

Rui Tian
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1214

Critical Discourse Analysis of Ivanka Trump’s Speech at the World Assembly for Women

Qiongyan Zhang, Simin Cao
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1216

Study on Performance of Wax Warm Mix Asphalt Cracked by Mixed Polyethylene Waste Plastics

Zhimei Wang, Yan Li, Wei Zhang, Daojun Zhang, Shubin Liu, Shaosong Shi, Chuanqiang Li
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1217

Discussion on the Generation and Incorporation of Female Subjects in Mirror Double Heroine Films

Chunyan Chen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1218

Research on Ecological Effects of Reservoir Dam Project

Yaxi Cai, Xiaodong Yang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1245

Analysis of the Characteristics and Influence Factors of High-Impact Papers that Common Concern to Researchers and the Public

Qilong Wu, Sumei Chen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1236

The Transition of A Community: World History’s Shared Future for Mankind

Libo Fang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1249

The Teaching Reform and Exploration of the Calligraphy Major Investigation Courses in Colleges and Universities under the Background of the New Liberal Arts

Lianjie Liu, Jingping Liu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1251

The Others’ Perspective on Post-modern Anti- subjectivity

Zhixiao Jin
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1252

Public Management Policies: A Comparative Analysis of the USA and the UK

Wenqing Chen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1254

Theoretical Implication and Practical Value of Cadre Xi's Important Exposition on Youth Struggle

Yinlin Huang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v3i4.1256