Vol 4 No 1 (2022): Scientific and Social Research
Scientific and Social Research
Published on January 20, 2022

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An Appraisal Analysis of Sina Weibo Texts about Reforms of Undergraduate Education

Muxuan Chen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1265

Exploration of Excellent Culture in the Chinese Legal System History

Wenhong Qu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1308

Identification and Regulation of Repeated Prosecution in Civil Litigation

Muzi Li
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1310

Research on the Impact of Diversified Operation on Organizational Resilience

Xujia Liu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1311

A University Based Case Study: The Research on the Overall Situation and Influencing Factors of Non-English Major Postgraduates’ Learning Engagement

Lili Yan, Liu Chun
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1312

A Study of the Economic Contribution Rate of Agricultural Mechanization in Jiangxi Province from the Perspective of Cobb-Douglas’ Production Function

Xia Qiu , Daixue Xu, Zhixian Zeng, Xuanzhou Yan
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1313

A Review of the Enterprise Theory: Formation, Essence, Boundary and Goal

Hua Yang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1314

Is Abusive Supervision Always “Toxic” to Work Engagement? – A Moderated Nonlinear Mediation Model

Zhao-Hua Hou, He-Yi Song, Dong-Qiang Wang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1315

A Study on the Performance Evaluation System of Microfinance Companies Under Dual Objectives

Xing Guo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1316

Review and Prospect of Digital Finance Research

Moshu Xu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1317

Measurement and Management of Interest Rate Risk of Commercial Banks: Based on VaR-GARCH Model of a Case Study of SHIBOR

Shuai Tang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1318

Impact of Higher Education Expansion on the Urban-Rural Income Gap in China: An Empirical Analysis based on Provincial Panel Data

Lufeng Han, Qiqi Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1319

Digital Trade: Definition, Measurement and Development

Zhaoyong Chen, Jiantian Lin, Junhai Li, Zhao Chen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1320

Are Paper Straws Friendly to the Marine Ecosystem?

Kunyue Zhang, Dongran Zhai
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1321

George Herbert Mead’s Social Psychology and Sociology of Knowledge

Zhen Huang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1322

Establishment and Evaluation of Baseline Model of Heavy Metal Pollution in Mine Topsoil

Xiaohong Xu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1324

A Summary of Researches on Mandarin Tone Acquisition

Xin Wang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1325

The Study of Collostruction Strength between Verb Collexemes and “V+Through” Construction In American English

Wentao Wang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1326

The Problem of International Private Law in the Pursuit of Cultural Relics Overseas

Yuxi Li, Yuan Yi
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1327

The Impact of Prudential Supervision on Financial Performance of Financial Industry: Take Commercial Banks as The Case Study

Shenghua Feng, Ruifan Zhou
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1328

Countermeasure Analysis of The Status Quo of Digital Communication Among the Elderly under the Background of COVID-19 Epidemic

Qi Qiao
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1329

Research on the Legal Issues of Tourist Attractions in Economic Development

Yuchao Chen, Yuzhuo Chen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1330

Research on the Reconstruction of the Cultural Confidence of Higher Vocational College Students from the Perspective of the New Development Concept

Mingshi Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1331

Image System Analysis and Teaching Syllabus of the Second Compulsory Volume of the New Geography Textbook for Senior High School Published by Hunan Education Press

Lianfang Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1332

Evaluation of Crop Recovery of Nitrogen from Lignite-amended Feedlot Cattle Manure

Yue Hu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1333

Research on the Construction of College English Reading Courses Based on Ideology and Politics Curriculum

Jingdie Wang, Min Zhu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1334

Practical Research on the Application of In-class Options in Physical Education and Health Module Teaching

Yanxiong Qu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1335

Methods and Paths of Ideological and Political Education for College Students in The Hotan Teachers’ College during the Pandemic Period: Based on the Perspective of “Sanjin Lianglian Yijiaoyou”

Zhenzhen Yan
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1340

How can Digital Technologies Inform or Disrupt Traditional Engagements with Heritage Sites?

Huinan Li
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1341

Divorce Cooling-off Period System in the Marriage Part of Civil Code

Dilinuer  Abulizi
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1342

The Multimodal Discourse Analysis of Documentary Series “The Firsts in Life”

Yaqi Xiong, Na Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1343

Mechanism and Practice Path of Adolescents’ Identification with Traditional Chinese Values: Based on Social Identification Theory

Xinjie Yang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1345

Research on the Education and Training of New Vocational Farmers in the Context of Rural Revitalization

Yuting Ren
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1359

A Review of Japanese Studies on Guangxi’s Ethnic Minorities in the Last 40 Years

Tian Zeng, Minghua Li
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v4i1.1338