Research on the Status Quo and High-Quality Development of Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education in China
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Internationalization of education
Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools
High-quality development



Submitted : 2023-12-19
Accepted : 2024-01-03
Published : 2024-01-18


Faced with unprecedented changes in the world, China has chosen to continue expanding its opening-up and actively cooperate with other countries. Internationalization of education is one of the important directions for the future development of universities. Since the reform and opening-up, a series of Sino-foreign cooperative education policies have been successively released, forming a relatively systematic and complete policy system. Under the promotion of policies, Chinese universities actively engage in Sino-foreign cooperative education, with increasingly frequent educational exchanges and a clear trend towards internationalization. The scale of Sino-foreign cooperative education is also constantly expanding. It is worthy to explore how to draw on advanced teaching experience from overseas, continue to promote Sino-foreign cooperative education, and improve the quality of Sino-foreign cooperative education.


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