Research on the Teaching Reform of Building Information Modeling Course Based on “Post, Course, Competition, and Certificate” Integration
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BIM course
Teaching reform



Submitted : 2023-12-19
Accepted : 2024-01-03
Published : 2024-01-18


With the rapid development of information technology, the utilization of building information modeling (BIM) is increasingly prevalent in the construction industry. In order to cultivate BIM application-oriented talents capable of effectively addressing industry development demands, this study proposes a reform plan for BIM courses that integrates post, course, competition, and certificate. The reform plan implements the teaching methods of post-course integration, competition-based teaching integration, and course certificate integration in the BIM course. It also carries out curriculum reform from four aspects: curriculum system, teaching mode, teaching content, and assessment method. Reform should be implemented to enhance students’ professional and practical skills, thereby enabling them to secure improved employment opportunities and prospects for career development.


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