Research and Application of Smart Classroom in Surgical Practice Teaching


Smart classroom
Practical teaching




With the advancement of science and technology as well as the rapid development of next generation information technologies, such as big data and artificial intelligence, smart classrooms have emerged as the times have demanded. Adopting innovative teaching modes in smart classrooms allows the realization of various teaching techniques that cannot be achieved in traditional classrooms. Especially for some courses in medical schools, due to changes in the medical environment and the improvement of patients’ awareness of medical rights and interests, the traditional teaching methods are becoming more restricted. For example, in clinical surgery, due to the increasing number of medical students in recent years and requirements for strict aseptic principle adherence in operating rooms, practical teaching has encountered great restrictions, thus preventing it from meeting the needs of students. In order to solve this problem, this research constructs a smart classroom teaching model for surgical practice teaching based on hardware equipment, such as smart classrooms, interconnected surgical mobile broadcast equipment, and intelligent medical simulators. Through this teaching model, the teaching effect and quality are further analyzed, laying a foundation for smart teaching in future medical courses.


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