The Construction and Implementation of a Compound Foreign Language Talent Training Model
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Foreign language
Compound talents
Training mode



Submitted : 2022-06-28
Accepted : 2022-07-13
Published : 2022-07-28


With increasing global exchanges and cooperation, there is an increasing demand for foreign language interdisciplinary talents. The cultivation of interdisciplinary foreign language talents is a long-term, complicated methodical endeavor, which requires constant exploration by experts in foreign language circles. In order to cultivate compound foreign language talents in colleges and universities, it is important to change the educational concept, enhance the teaching staff, and innovate the talent training mode. In the training of compound foreign language talents in colleges and universities, a compound talent training model of “foreign language + major or direction” should be established, and beginning from the actual situation of the major, the bold exploration and implementation of the transformation of the concept of compound foreign language talent training should be followed through, while strengthening the construction of teaching staff, optimizing the professional curriculum, updating the teaching content, as well as enriching the methods and measures of teaching.


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