Enhancing Campus Culture and Strengthening the Cultivation of Student Behavior
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Campus culture
Student behavior



Submitted : 2022-06-27
Accepted : 2022-07-12
Published : 2022-07-27


Campus culture is not only a symbol of culture and the style of studying, but also the overall atmosphere that helps students establish correct world outlook, values, and outlook on life. It leads the cultivation of student behavior and shapes the character of students. However, due to the openness of colleges and universities, the impact of informatization, the rapid development of society, and other factors, the campus culture in colleges and universities is affected by various aspects, and the cultivation of student behavior is bound to be affected. In this complex environment, how to promote campus culture in such a way to promote the cultivation of student behavior has become a topic of interest. The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China clearly put forward the “Opinions on Further Strengthening and Improving Ideological and Political Education” under the State Council, stating that campus culture plays an important role in educating people and it is necessary to construct a campus culture that embodies socialist characteristics, school characteristics, and the characteristics of the times [1].


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