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Lessons on climate-responsiveness learnt from Vernacular Dwellings: A Global Study

Special issue statement: It is characteristic of primitive and vernacular buildings that they typically respond to climate very well. (Rapoport, 1969) Without good information and understanding of the local climate, it is not possible to study and achieve optimal building design. Most building technicians in the past were familiar with the climate in which they were building. Knowing that they improvised by opting for appropriate building shapes, location, orientation, and the use of appropriate building materials. Understanding climate of a region is a pre-requisite for practising climate-responsive architecture in that region. It provides information to optimize the dwelling design variables to create comfortable living conditions.


This issue invites authors from round the earth to contribute full-length research-papers on the lessons on climate-responsiveness that modern buildings from across the globe can learn from vernacular dwellings.


September 23, 2019
Current Issue
Vol 4 No si1 (2019)
Published on November 26, 2019
Special Issue : Lessons on Climate-Responsiveness Learnt from Vernacular Dwellings - A Global Study (In Publishing)

Guest Editor : Dr. Janmejoy Gupta