Research on Innovation of Foreign Language Teaching under the Thought of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics


On the subject of integrating and implementing the spirit of the 19th national congress, Liu Guiqin, director of the department of social science and technology of the ministry of education, made a thematic report entitled “earnestly studying, propagating and implementing the spirit of the 19th national congress of the party and accelerating the introduction of the thought on socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era into textbooks, classrooms and minds”. According to the report, as well as the ideological and political theory courses, the curriculum integration in-depth course education “the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics to blend in new era. This paper analyzes from the foreign language teaching with Chinese characteristics under the background of new era .The current college English teaching under the new situation of permeation of moral education present situation analysis, this is a natural fit with the research of this project.