Chinese university research ethics construction to build a socialist core values as the carrier


Abstract: Theteacher is the engineer of the human soul, and thenoble teacher's morality is the coreprofessional qualityof the teacher.Aiming at the problems existing in theconstruction of teachers' morality in colleges and universities, this paper puts forward theconstruction of college teachers' moralitywith thecore valuesof socialismas the carrier.From improving the conditions for teachers' access, establishing and improving the teacher's morality assessment mechanism, teacher cadre selection and employment mechanism, creating an environment of respecting teachers, educating and educating people, strengthening teachers' moral education and theoretical training, providing scientific research policy environment and solving teachers' actual conditions From the perspective of difficulties and other angles, the core values of socialism are permeated throughout the whole process of the construction of teachers' morality in colleges and universities, from point to point and level,in order to improve the quality of college teachers' moral construction.


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