Investigation on the Danger of Electronic Cigarette on Young Adults



It is commonly known that smoking tobacco can lead to adverse health consequences. However, faced with the temptation of tobacco, there are still many tobacco users who choose to ignore the health effect of smoking. Recently, electronic cigarettes (E-cigarette) have been introduced as a way to remedy the negative consequences of smoking tobacco. E-cigarettes have become a trend, especially among youth populations, given their curiosity about the new product, their pursuit of tobacco culture, and their misconceptions about e-cigarettes' harmful effects. This has caused the number of e-cigarette users to continue rising. However, studies have shown that smoking e-cigarettes can have a harmful effect on their users, and particularly for young smokers, with harmful effects deteriorating not only the physical health of the smoker, but also mental and behavioral health. This paper focuses on an investigation into harmful effects that e-cigarettes have on youth, exploring the specific hazards of the chemicals in e-cigarettes. The hope is that this work can offer beneficial insights for youth and for the society as a whole concerning the harmful effects of e-cigarettes, thereby reducing or terminating the use of e-cigarettes altogether.


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