Reform of Practical Teaching of “Linux Operating System Fundamentals” Under the Background of Emerging Engineering Education
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Emerging engineering education
Practical teaching reform
Project practice
Virtual experiments



Submitted : 2024-02-23
Accepted : 2024-03-09
Published : 2024-03-24


With the advancement of the construction of emerging engineering education, the reform of practical teaching has become an important task of higher engineering education. This article takes the course “Linux Operating System Fundamentals” as an example to explore practical teaching reform in the context of emerging engineering education. By analyzing the current situation and problems in course practical teaching, we proposed practical teaching reforms such as online experiments, practical content updates, project-based engineering practices, and diversified evaluation models, and designed corresponding implementation plans. Practice has proved that this reform can improve students’ learning interest and engineering practical skills, and cultivate outstanding engineers with innovative spirit and practical skills.


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