A New Exploration of Practical Teaching Reform in the Department of Plant Protection of Hebei North University
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Vocational and technical high school teachers
Plant protection majors
Practical teaching
Reform exploration



Submitted : 2022-08-27
Accepted : 2022-09-11
Published : 2022-09-26


In view of the existing problems in the practical teaching of Plant Protection majors, such as more teaching contents, less comprehensive and innovative contents, disorganized practical teaching system, lenient assessment, insufficient experimental teaching facilities, insufficient practical teaching sites, and lack of continuity of practical teaching contents. The practical teaching of plant protection majors should adopt “open” practice teaching methods in terms of laboratory construction, innovative ability cultivation, practical teaching content highlighting comprehensive and innovative, and practical teaching time. The results of the survey on college graduates and enterprises show that under the “open” practice mode, Plant Protection students will have better overall performance.


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