Family Support Situation and Educational Strategies for Primary School Children with Intellectual Disabilities Learning in Regular Class
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Learning in regular class
Children with intellectual disabilities
Family support



Submitted : 2022-08-29
Accepted : 2022-09-13
Published : 2022-09-28


This paper aims to verify the family support situation for primary school children with intellectual disabilities learning in regular class and to explore various educational strategies to promote their development. A self-made questionnaire was used in this survey, and the parents of 380 intellectual disabled students were the subjects of this survey. It turns out that the overall family support for intellectual disabled children learning in regular class in China is good, but it is affected by the degree of obstacles. Factors such as grade, gender, and parental education had no significant effect on family support. It is the shared responsibility of the government, schools, and parents to promote the level of family support. Governments at all levels must implement family support projects, schools must carry out family education guidance to impart scientific parenting knowledge, and parents must take note of their own responsibilities, so as to promote the physical and mental development of children with intellectual disabilities.


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