Construction and Practice of Online Course Resources Based on Information Processing Theory: Taking “A Bite of Teochew Cuisine,” a Guangdong First-Class Course, as an Example


Cantonese Cuisine Master
Culinary majors
Online course resources
Information processing theory
Construction and practice




“Cantonese Cuisine Master” project is an important policy proposed by China to inherit Cantonese Cuisine culture, promote employment, and achieve targeted poverty reduction and rural revitalization. Confronted with the demands of more diverse education, it is an essential opportunity and task for the education system to consider how to construct high-quality online courses and pursue higher-quality “Cantonese Cuisine Master” projects in line with the new era. This paper, based on the theory of instructional media and information processing theory, will further clarify the demand, dilemma, and developing strategy of online course construction for culinary majors, and explore its construction and practice with the example of “A Bite of Teochew Cuisine,” a Guangdong first-class course.


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