Narrative Self-Healing: Analysis of the Benefits of an Integrated Listening, Reading, and Writing Course for Chinese Colleges
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Chinese college
Action research
Trauma writing
Narrative therapy
Teaching reform



Submitted : 2022-08-16
Accepted : 2022-08-31
Published : 2022-09-15


This study is based on postmodern narrative therapy. The action research approach was adopted to explore the self-healing experience and the reflections of teaching and learning in an integrated listening, reading, and writing course for Chinese colleges. The objectives of this study were as follows: (1) to assist university students in narrative self-healing through this course; (2) to explore the reflections and insights of this teaching action research. This study was conducted at National Dong Hwa University (Taiwan, China) with its faculty members, research assistants, and 330 college students. The teaching plan was implemented in six classes over four semesters. This study found that human beings have the ability to heal themselves and that an integrated course covering reading narratives, listening to narratives, and writing trauma narratives can help college students heal themselves.


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