The Importance of High-Quality Russian Language Services


Language service
High quality Russian language services
Regional advantages
Ecosystem of language services




“High-level opening up” and “high-quality development” are important development goals and directions of China during the 14th Five-Year Plan period. Heilongjiang, as the largest and oldest province open to Russia, has a long history of communication and plays a vanguard role. However, the province’s geographical advantages are weakening under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid development of the internet industry. Facing the new era, maintaining and enhancing the regional advantages of the province has become an urgent issue that requires attention. This study takes the Russian language service in Heilongjiang Province as the subject, combines theory with practice through theoretical elaboration and historical analysis, as well as tries to provide reference for improving the language service system in Heilongjiang Province and enhancing its regional advantages. This study believes that a high-quality language service plays an important role in solving the issue. It is necessary to fully understand and apply the essential power of language, be more aware of the importance of Russian language services, build a sound ecosystem of language services, give full play to the traditional advantages of the “Russian” in this province, and finally assume “Russian language services” as the “golden banner” for the development of language services, economy, and culture in the province.


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