Analysis of Practical Teaching Methods for Logistics Management Major in Higher Vocational Colleges – Taking the Procurement Management Practice Course as an Example


Case analysis
Training projects
Procurement Management Practice




As a teacher majoring in Logistics Management in higher vocational colleges with deep understanding of the course for many years and taking the Procurement Management Practice course as an example, this study selects the after-school cases in the “Purchase Price and Cost Control” chapter in the second edition textbook of Procurement Management Practice of Machinery Industry Press as the research subject of this case analysis. In addition, combined with the chapter content of this textbook, this paper expounds the teaching methods of practical training projects. In hope to provide some ideas for practical teaching, through research and analysis, there is a clearer understanding of the practical teaching of the core curriculum of Logistics Management major.


Chen L, 2020, Procurement management practices (2nd Edition), Machinery Industry Press, Beijing.