Knowledge Economy: Model Construction and Development Trend of Online Education


Knowledge economy
Model construction
Online education




In regard to knowledge economy, the current concept in the model construction of online education, including distance education and online learning, generally refers to a kind of network-based learning behavior, similar to the concept of online training. Compared with traditional offline education methods, through the application of information technology and internet technology for content dissemination and rapid learning, online education has the characteristics of high efficiency, convenience, low threshold, and rich teaching resources. Online education covers a wide range of people, different forms of learning, and its classification methods are more diverse. Online education services are the fastest growing field of education informatization. At the moment, the most pressing problems include effectively integrating educational resources with internet technology, launching online education services and products that are highly interactive and would encourage personalized learning, increasing user stickiness, as well as avoiding trend-following and conceptualized investment.


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