Resilience Training of Preschool Children Based on Traditional Folk Games


Traditional Folk Games
Resilience training
Preschool children




Traditional folk games inherit the history, culture and identity of a country and nation, and they have even more important meanings for China, which has a long history and many ethnic groups. However, with the rapid globalization of modern technology and economy, many Chinese traditional folk games are facing the crisis of disappearing. This article discusses how to develop and utilize the new functions of traditional folk games. That is to use them to train the resilience of preschool children, thus to initiate a new understanding of traditional folk games by teachers and parents. The article firstly discusses the importance of cultivating preschool children’s resilience, then analyzes the role of games in cultivating preschool children’s resilience, studies the traditional folk game classification method for preschool children’s resilience, and gives the development orientation traditional folk game teaching strategies and steps for the cultivation of resilience. This research not only inherits Chinese traditional culture in preschool education, but also trains preschool children’s resilience and strengthens their minds. It has important practical significance and reference value for the current training and education of preschool children in China and East Asia.


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