Post Adaptability of Graduates – A Case Study of Business English Majors from H University


Post adaptability
Business English




In recent years, the number of graduates in employment has increased significantly because of a boom in the number of graduates along with the advancement of the Enrollment Expansion Plan of Colleges and Universities in China. The issues about career selection and graduate employment have been enthusiastically discussed in academic circles as these issues are constantly emphasized by all walks of life. However, academic researchers often neglect matters pertaining graduates when they are already holding positions. This study believes that being employed is not the end point, but a new start, which means that matters pertaining graduates after being employed should also be cared about. This study specifically focuses on the post adaptability of graduates after being employed. In this study, through questionnaires, a number of employed Business English majors from the graduating class of 2011 to 2016 at H university in Shaanxi Province were selected. After that, using the variables from The Fitness Subscale of Adolescent Mental Health Quality Questionnaire, the participants’ post adaptability was studied.


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