A Brief Analysis on the Development of Internationalization of Basic Education from “External” to “Internal”


Basic education




In view of globalization, the internationalization of basic education has become a world trend. It is an important strategic tool for each country to actively deal with the challenges of globalization, and it is also the main way to improve the quality of education around the world. The development of the internationalization of basic education requires the active participation of all countries around the world, in which it will have an impact and influence on the educational development, educational concept, and teaching management of all countries. However, only by conforming to the historical and inevitable trend of the internationalization of education, understanding the actual situation of the country’s economic development, social development, and educational context, studying and implementing development strategies, as well as integrating healthy internationalization into the educational practice, then the internationalization of education can develop further so as to promote the rapid development of the whole world’s education cause.


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