Mental Health Education for Students from Junior Colleges Moving into Undergraduate Level in Private Colleges from the Perspective of Three-Dimensional Education


Three-dimensional education
Private colleges
College students moving into undergraduate level
Mental health education




Good psychological quality is the basic requirement for college students in the new era. Students from junior colleges moving into undergraduate level in private colleges are a special group as they are already an important part of students in private colleges. Based on the mental health status of these students, private colleges have analyzed the issues of mental health education which include weak teaching staffs, lack attention, and traditional education methods. From the perspective of three-dimensional education, the psychological education work model in private colleges is explored to build an education team to promote the participation of all employees in the work of psychological education, strengthen the attention of college students who are moving into the undergraduate level, and to pay full attention to these students. Private colleges should try to innovate education methods and improve psychological education in all aspects.


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