Application of Experiential Teaching in the Reform of College Students’ Mental Health Course from the Perspective of Life Education


Life education
Experiential teaching
Reform of college students’ mental health course




In recent years, the phenomenon of college students’ indifference to life occurs frequently which seriously damages the healthy growth of college students. Life education should be integrated into mental health education courses in colleges.  Experiential teaching is a type of teaching activity that is characterized by students’ personal experiences and initiative, focusing on the participation of practical activities. Compared with traditional lectures, it improves students’ interest and enthusiasm. In the mental health course, experiential teaching applies theoretical knowledge to real life and promote the improvement of students’ mental health to shape stable and mature personalities and eventually, promotes the development of life. College students’ mental health course should be integrated with experiential teaching practice in the perspective of life education, so as to better improve the teaching effect and guide students to form a correct outlook of life.


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