Research on the status quo of psychological care for AIDS patients in adolescents


AIDS is a chronic infectious disease caused by human immunodeficiency virus. Due to the infectiousness of AIDS and the lack of specific drugs to treat AIDS, the majority of people still have the psychology of rejection and discrimination against AIDS patients. Under the influence of various factors such as themselves, families and the public, AIDS patients are prone to be negative, inferior and even world-weary. Among them, the mental health status of adolescent AIDS patients is even less optimistic due to their unique psychological characteristics. The living conditions and mental health of this particular group deserve social attention; Psychological nursing is an important way to promote the mental health of adolescent patients. Improving the long-term psychological coping ability of young AIDS patients is beneficial to their own health, family stability and social harmony. This paper studies the current situation of psychological care for AIDS patients in adolescents, analyzes its importance and puts forward some suggestions.