Research on Reform and Innovation of Curriculum System of Construction Equipment Specialty based on BIM application


BIM technology entered China at the beginning of this century and has played a prominent role in many industries, Firstly, it is applied in design enterprises, and then extends to construction enterprises, with emphasis on construction engineering. As the main force in the development of the construction industry, construction enterprises pay more and more attention to the learning and application of BIM in enterprises. BIM technology will bring more possibilities to construction equipment. With the development of The Times, the original teaching technology has been unable to meet and achieve students' future career needs and goals. This paper follows closely the steps of teaching reform, With the application of BIM technology as the entry point. The reform and innovation of BIM are deeply integrated into the professional core courses, curriculum design and graduation design, etc, in order to keep up with the industry demand and employment guidance, improve the social competitiveness of student’s employment.