Application of Post-Listening Summary Based on Oral Interpretation Contest Corpus in Language Assessment


A summary of oral interpretation can best reflect a person’s instant memory and adaptability. In various places where oral interpreters are needed, the requirements for interpreters are very high. Oral interpretation plays an important role in foreign communications. As international communications deepens and becomes more frequent, people are becoming enthusiastic about the research on oral interpretation. Whether in the West or in China, the research on oral interpretation and related content has never stopped since the seventies of the last century, and it has since been progressing and developing continuously. Based on this, this paper is divided into three parts to elaborate. Firstly, it explains the definition of oral interpretation, secondly the importance of oral interpretation quality assessment is explained, and finally the process and analysis of the establishment of a language assessment index system based on oral interpretation are explained. It is hoped that this paper will serve as a useful reference for relevant personnel.