Exploration and Thinking of teaching supervision in higher vocational colleges


The teaching supervision of higher vocational colleges play a role of supervision and guidance in the teaching activities and teaching quality of higher vocational colleges. At present, there are many kind of teaching activities, many kind of educational policy and many kind of objectives are proposed in teaching quality of higher vocational colleges. So that many kind of innovation challenges and development opportunities are waiting for. Consequently, the adjustment of the vocational college teaching supervision work should be kept with the variable times. The specific process can be shown as follows: Firstly, the guidance idea of the teaching supervision should be adjusted; Secondly, weaken the supervision function, strengthen the guidance function; Thirdly, improve and promote the construction of the teaching supervision work team and system construction on and on; fourthly, the important role in teaching should be played by student in order to improve the teaching supervision work efficiency, etc. In summary, higher vocational colleges will be played a new role of teaching supervision work and opened up some new ways through above.