Review and Reflection on the Research of Mathematics Problems in Junior High School


The problem of mathematics is an important teaching method of students' core qualities cultivation. Statistics and analysis of The master's thesis related to "junior high school mathematics" and "problem posing" in the past ten years were counted and analyzed from chronological distribution, institutional distribution and research topics and other dimensions. The research results: ignorance of domestic research on the textbook content; formalization of problem raising under the the guidance of theory; the opposite direction of demonstration and qualitative research; fuzzy and superficial results and countermeasures of research. Research reflection: broaden thoughts of the field, attach importance to the study of textbook content, and enhance the expression of the teacher’s question raising; deepen the guiding ideas, reiterate the theory to guide the practice, reflect the complement of the theoretical practice; be rigorous about thoughts, attach importance to empirical and quantitive combination, improve scientific and appropriate research methods;  develop the logical thinking, focus on the study of results and countermeasures, and manifest the value of research results.