Vol 2 No 3 (2020): Scientific and Social Research
Scientific and Social Research
Published on December 31, 2020

Exploring the Design of Hospital Customer Relationship Management System

Liangxiong Li
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.979

Real-life Emotional Expression in "Lady Guo Guo's Spring Outing"

Yinshuai Song
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.980

Design and Application of Experimental Fonts for Interactive Chinese Character Games

Yifan Hu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.981

A Study on Vietnamese Scholars' Cognition about Sino-Vietnamese Relations from the Journal “International Studies”

Min Gong
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.982

Research on Online-Offline Hybrid Teaching of Applied Undergraduate Course "Design Thinking and Method"

Xiaoxia Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.983

The Ways to Improve the Legal System for Wildlife Protection——From the Perspectives of "Animal Rights Theory" and "Modern Anthropocentrism"

Fuqing Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.984

Gender Ethics in Women’s Films of Contemporary China

Jing Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.985

Analysis on the Value Composition of Textile Intangible Cultural Heritage

Hong Zhao, Xiaoxi Cao
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.986

Marriage View under Gender Difference: An Investigation and Study of Chinese Higher Vocational College Students' Marriage view -- A Case Study of A Higher Vocational College in Guangdong Province

Xuechuang He, Hongyang Liu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.987

“The Last Lecture on the Edge”: American Indians are not Invented for Public Consumption

Lanxi Chen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.988

The Ecological Philosophical Signification of Affordance

Xiaohang Wang, Lingling Luo
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.989

Research on the Differences in Consumption Levels between Urban and Rural Residents after Reform and Opening-up

Bing Gao, Ting Yang, Kejin Xie
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.990

Marx and Engels’ Peace Thought and Its Contemporary Value

Meihong Gu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.991

Multiple Linear Regression Analysis of the Relationship between the Three Industries and GDP Growth

Chenxi Ni
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.992

Sex, The Prerequisite Foundation of Human-Subject Construction

Wenfei Tao
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.993

The Research of Scottish Herring and Mackerel’s Movement Simulation

Yifan Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.994

An Eco-feminist Interpretation of Howards End

Dongyan Jiang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.995

Analysis on Job Burnout of College Teachers

Lei Sun
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.996

Research on Reactive Power Optimization for Distribution Network Based on Dual Population Improved Ant Colony Algorithm

Yiran Jiang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.997

A Deshui: New Evidence from the Syr River in Central Asia in "Sui Shu·Tiele Biography"

Xifan Zhu, Qihang Ge
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.998

The Challenges and Countermeasures of Public Relations Crisis in Colleges and Universities from the Perspective of Organizational Communication, Under the Background of New Media

Yiru Dong
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.999

The Construction and Research of Football Evaluation Index System

Mengwei Qiao
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1000

Social Assistant Humanoid Robots for Dementia of the Elderly: A Scoping Review

Xiangyu Liu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1001

Freedom and Responsibility: An Existential Analysis of Amir from The Kite Runner

Yongting Yang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1002

Review of Research on Foreign Language Anxiety and Foreign Language Enjoyment

Ruoyan Cui
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1003

Introspection and Path Research on Municipal Social Governance in China's New Era

Yutong Wang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1004

The Important Exposition of President Xi’s Youth Ideological and Political Education and Its Enlightenment

Qingdan Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1005

Equality, Support and Guidance: A Social Work Intervention Study on the Environmental Adaptation of Left-behind Children from Poor Families

Xin Gao
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1006

Can the Fansub Group Avoid Copyright Censorship?Take the Case Study of YYets Fan-sub Group

Wanwan Chen
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1007

Research on Spatio-temporal Data Construction of Library under the Background of Digital Humanities-Take the Northeast Anti-Japanese United Forces as an example

Hong Ni, Baorui Liu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1008

The Creation of Kindergarten Reading Situation Based on the Concept of Multiple Reading

Chunying Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1009

Back to the Roots and Create New Prospects, Creating a New Era of Cultural Cooperation between China and South Korea

Li Li
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1010

Research on the Construction of Regional Green Industry Development Implementation Network

Chunhong Zhu
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1011

A Tension Between Free Flows of Data and Protection of Privacy in Digital Trade

Hui Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1012

Trapped Within and Without: A Probe into the Causes of the Decline of the Hanseatic League

Zedong Zhang
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1013

Lierature Review of a Study on the Correlation between the Effect of Ideological and Political Education and the Cognitive Neural Basis

Yinping Ma, Chunli Ding, Ruiting Ma, Yun Ma, Yaqi Duan
DOI: 10.36922/ssr.v2i3.1014