Research on the Promotion of Corporate Culture of Qingdao Rongchuang Technology Co., Ltd.
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Corporate culture
Internet enterprises
Measurement of the culture



Submitted : 2022-09-28
Accepted : 2022-10-13
Published : 2022-10-28


Culture is the soul of an organization and the soft power of enterprise development and competition. The competition of contemporary enterprises is not only the competition of technology, knowledge and talents, but also the competition among enterprise cultures. An excellent corporate culture can not only create a good organizational atmosphere, attract and unite employees who conform to the beliefs of the organization, but also effectively motivate and restrain employees, promote the common growth of employees and the organization, and improve the performance of the organization. Qingdao Rongchuang Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in the early 20th century. After 20 years of development, it has formed a relatively systematic cultural concept system and accumulated certain experience in cultural construction. This paper comprehensively considers the company’s growth history, management status and future development strategy, and refers to Danielson’s organizational culture model and opposing values model. The company’s corporate culture was systematically scanned and diagnosed by using the organizational culture evaluation tool OCAI and other related tools.


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