Research on the Socialist Political Economy with Chinese Characteristics in Facing the Challenges of the New Economic Era


Socialism with Chinese characteristics
Political economy
New economy




With the vigorous development of science and technology, emerging technologies such as big data, cloud computing, internet of things, and artificial intelligence have emerged. Driven by all these, the social economy in China is in the key stage of transformation into the new economic era. The international situation is also transforming, gradually changing from the economic system dominated by the traditional economy to the new economic system. Therefore, there is a need to conduct an in-depth analysis and research on the concept of “new economy”; that is, an economic form that integrates new technologies, industries, and models based on information technology or internet platforms. In combination of socialism with Chinese characteristics, it can be appreciated that with the arrival of the new economic era, there are great challenges to the productivity theory, labor value theory, and wealth theory under the traditional economic system. In order to effectively deal with the above challenges and adapt to the new economic development trend, there is a need to explore effective countermeasures from the perspective of the socialist political economy with Chinese characteristics in order to provide effective reference in predicting the trend of domestic economic development and docking with the new economic era.


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