Functional Value of Sports Spirit in Higher Vocational Physical Education
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Higher vocational physical education
Sports spirit



Submitted : 2021-12-25
Accepted : 2022-01-09
Published : 2022-01-24


Sports spirit represents people’s initiative consciousness in sports. It plays a positive role in the development of sports and competitive activities. It is the driving force in promoting the development of physical education and the all-round development of students. It includes positive mental states and qualities, such as hardworking, enterprising, unity, cooperation, fair competition, patriotic dedication, and so on. By integrating sports spirit into higher vocational physical education, students can form spiritual consciousness with the correct cognition of sports spirit and give full play to the role of sports spirit in shaping their personalities, imparting knowledge, and cultivating skills. Based on the situation of higher vocational physical education, this article analyzes the educational function of sports spirit and suggests ways to give full play to the functional value of sports spirit in physical education.


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