Analysis of AY Field Brand Planning Based on Raw Milk Traceability
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Brand planning
Supplier brand
Digital marketing



Submitted : 2023-11-22
Accepted : 2023-12-07
Published : 2023-12-22


Mengniu and Yili have virtually monopolized the traditional Chinese dairy market, while new media marketing and digital strategies have opened up substantial business opportunities for emerging brands. Leveraging a differentiation strategy, the Adopt A Cow brand has successfully carved out its niche in the market, serving as an exemplary example. However, AY Field, as a self-owned brand by a supplier, faces the challenge of low product awareness among end consumers. This paper primarily concentrates on brand planning for the AY Field milk brand, with a focus on positioning the product for mid-range consumers, including students and office workers. The strategy involves the development of a new logo and packaging design, the selection of sports stars as brand ambassadors, and the implementation of innovative online sales promotions to bolster brand awareness and competitiveness. Research indicates that incorporating raw milk traceability and digital technology to establish a product brand with transparent ranches can significantly enhance AY Field’s competitive edge, facilitating the execution of a differentiated marketing strategy.


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