The Application of Trenchless Piping in Sandbar Drainage Network Renovation Projects
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High water level
Trenchless piping



Submitted : 2023-09-25
Accepted : 2023-10-10
Published : 2023-10-25


In this study, the research progress of trenchless piping technology for pipes with a large diameter was reviewed. The geological conditions of the sandbar in Xiangyang were taken into account in this study. This paper highlights the construction process management of the pipeline network project in Yuliangzhou Starting Area of Xiangyang City. Research was carried out in the aspects of optimizing mud ratio, controlling pipeline elevations, pipeline welding, and trenchless pipeline construction in limited spaces, stable support during pit excavation, and controlling the spacing between the junctions of two pipe segments. The research resulted in excellent outcomes and ensured safe construction, and the quality requirements were also met.


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