A Study of the Streets and Alleys of Traditional Settlements in Taihang Mountains – Taking Wangjinzhuang, Shexian County as an Example
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Traditional settlement
Street space



Submitted : 2022-02-02
Accepted : 2022-02-17
Published : 2022-03-04


Wangjinzhuang in Shexian County, which has a long history, is a representative of the traditional settlements in Taihang Mountains. Through the in-depth study of the morphological characteristics of Wangjinzhuang settlement, this paper fully excavates its value as a traditional settlement. The overall pattern of the settlement form is complete, showing a linear layout form; the road system is graded, and the structure is clear; the spatial form shows a combination of points, lines, and planes; public buildings are distributed in an orderly manner, with clear functions, and they have a high degree of research value. 


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