Key Points of Installation Technology and Analysis of Energy Saving Measures on HVAC Equipment
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Submitted : 2020-12-01
Accepted : 2020-12-16
Published : 2020-12-31


HVAC equipment is very concerned in the current equipment operation process. Its safety, reliability and comfort will have a greater impact on the production and life of common people. In some projects, there are some problems in the installation of HVAC equipment, such as imperfect installation scheme, low installation quality and random selection of equipment parameters. These seriously affect the normal operation of the equipment, and it is not easy to achieve energy saving of HVAC equipment. In the future installation of HVAC equipment, it is necessary to continuously optimize the HVAC equipment installation system, fully compare the reliability and feasibility of the equipment installation scheme, and strengthen the application of energy-saving technology of HVAC equipment. In this way, the use cost of the equipment can be reduced and the comprehensive quality of the equipment can be improved. Therefore, this paper discusses this further and puts forward reasonable suggestions.