Analysis of Common Mistakes in English Abstract Writing of Scientific and Technological Papers: A Case Study of Automotive Practical Technology
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Scientific and technological papers
English abstract



Submitted : 2023-10-08
Accepted : 2023-10-23
Published : 2023-11-07


Abstract is the epitome of the core idea of a journal paper. Excellent English abstract plays an important role in ensuring the quality of the paper and promoting its academic value in international exchanges. However, there are still many problems in the English abstracts of many papers published in academic journals. This paper analyzes and summarizes the grammatical errors of articles, singular and plural nouns, predicate verbs, conjunctions, Chinglish from other English abstracts of some papers in a vehicle engineering academic journal retrieved from, and then corrects them. It is expected to provide some guidance for editors, academic workers, and engineering students in writing papers.


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