Countermeasures of “Post-Course Competition Certificate” Mode to Promote Innovation and Reform of BIM Course in Vocational Colleges
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Post-course competition certificate
Vocational colleges and universities
BIM course



Submitted : 2023-10-08
Accepted : 2023-10-23
Published : 2023-11-07


The model of “post-course competition certificate” can be the basic model of Building Information Modeling (BIM) course teaching in vocational colleges in the new era, and many vocational colleges have also made attempts to construct and apply this model in BIM courses and other professional courses. Based on the application of methods such as literature review and observation, it can be found that it is highly feasible in theory and practice to promote the innovation and reform of BIM curriculum based on this model. However, there are more influencing factors at the practical level, which can easily lead to some problems. In this paper, we will analyze the corresponding problems and put forward a more effective reform strategy of BIM course education innovation in combination with reality.


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