Service-Learning Practices and Reflections in the Perspective of Nel Noddings’ Theory of Caring Education: The “Care for the Elderly” Service-Learning Program as an Example
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Nel Noddings’ theory of caring education
Caring education



Submitted : 2023-10-08
Accepted : 2023-10-23
Published : 2023-11-07


Nel Noddings’ ethics of care is an important lineage of Western moral education thought, which contains deep humanistic values. Service-learning advocates the equal importance of service and learning, and emphasizes more on the discovery of educational connotations in practice. Based on the social background of aging, this paper takes the “Care for the Elderly” service-learning program as an example, attempts to take the care ethics as the entry point, adopts interviews,questionnaires, and other research methods, and opens-up the service-learning practice path under the threshold of Nel Noddings’ care education theory.


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