The Impact of Internships on the Skill Acquisition Among Nursing Students in Vocational Colleges of Shandong Province
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Nursing students
Skill acquisition
Vocational colleges



Submitted : 2023-10-08
Accepted : 2023-10-23
Published : 2023-11-07


This research investigates the impact of internships on skill acquisition among nursing students in vocational colleges in Shandong Province. By employing a mixed-methods approach involving surveys and interviews, the study re-veals the positive influence of internships on students’ clinical competencies, professional qualities, and readiness for the workforce. Survey findings indicate heightened practical capabilities and increased confidence among students. Interviews emphasize the pivotal role of mentors in guiding skills development and professional growth. However, challenges such as resource constraints and workload imbalances during internships are also highlighted. These insights contribute to the enhancement of nursing education and the preparation of competent nursing professionals in the regio


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