Reform and Innovation of Education and Teaching in the Information Age——Comment on “Research on Education and Teaching Theory and Practice in the Information Age”
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Teaching reform
Teaching theory
Information literacy
Modern educational technology



Submitted : 2023-07-30
Accepted : 2023-08-14
Published : 2023-08-29


This paper takes “Research on Education and Teaching Theory and Practice in the Information Age” as the main research object, and discusses the importance and influence of education and teaching reform and innovation in the information age. First, it introduces the background of education in the information age, including the characteristics of the information age and the development status of education. Secondly, it summarizes the main content of the book “Research on the Theory and Practice of Education and Teaching in the Information Age.” Lastly, the key points of education and teaching reform in the information age are discussed in order to provide effective guidelines and support for the practice of future education and teaching reform.


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