Experimental Design for Computer System Platform Course
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Digital media technology
Experimental design
Computer fundamentals
Intrinsic logic



Submitted : 2023-08-01
Accepted : 2023-08-16
Published : 2023-08-31


The computer system platform course is a comprehensive platform course formed by adjusting and optimizing the content of the relevant basic courses of computer major to meet the requirement of the digital media technology major for the computer basic knowledge. The range and span of course content make its experimental design more challenging. Considering from the aspects of breadth of contents, difficulty degree of experiments, and the rationality of intrinsic logic, we design the experiments covering from operating system to computer network and ensure them relevant and continuous at the same time, so as to realize the goals of promoting students' understanding of key concepts, improving their hands-on ability, guiding their interest, and cultivating their self-learning ability within the limited class time.


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